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The headquarters of Grupo Lamadrid is located in Barcelona, Spain. For more information, visit the section Where to find us?

Grupo Lamadrid sells only to professionals. You can buy our products in decoration stores or through interior designers and other professionals in the decoration sector. Visit the "Points of Sale" section of the website to see a list of retailers and to see the contact details of our international agents and distributors.

The samples of our products can be seen all over the world in the stores and showrooms of our clients. Grupo Lamadrid also has its own showrooms in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and New York where all our fabrics are found. However, own showrooms are only available for professional use. For more information on the location of the Showrooms visit the showrooms section on our website.

To find out the prices, please contact any of our clients directly. Visit the "Points of Sale" section of the website to see a list of retailers in your area. If you have a professional account, you will be able to see the prices in the exclusive client area for professionals.

Our fabrics are designed to decorate homes. We create fabrics suitable for upholstery, making accessories such as cushions and bedding, as well as curtains and sheers.

We have 140 cm wide fabrics, but we also have double-width fabrics (between 280 and 320 cm) perfect for making curtains and sheers, as well as sofas or furniture with removable covers.

Yes, we have a firm commitment to sustainability and the environment, which is why we offer sustainable fabrics under our own Sustainable Fabrics label. What conditions do the fabrics meet under the Sustainable Fabrics seal? In reference to our fabrics

  • Made with some type of recycled fiber such as cotton, polyester or wool.
  • Made with natural fibers with low environmental impact: organic cotton, linen or hemp.
  • Made with sustainably produced animal fibers; "responsible" natural wool or leather, that is, taking into account the welfare of animals.
  • In reference to the manufacturing process:
  • When there is prevalence in the use of recycled fibers to help reduce the generation of waste.
  • When chemical products are not used or ecological alternatives such as vegetable dyes are used, avoiding their dispersion in the environment.
  • When it occurs with maximum savings in both water and energy consumption.
  • When promoting the use of disadvantaged labor that is intended to help (fair trade).
  • En referencia a nuestros tejidos

  • Fabricados con algún tipo de fibra reciclada como algodón, polyester o lana.
  • Fabricados con fibras naturales con bajo impacto en el medio ambiente: algodón orgánico, lino o cáñamo.
  • Fabricados con fibras animales producidas de forma sostenible; lana o piel natural “responsable”, es decir teniendo en cuenta el bienestar de los animales.
  • En referencia al proceso de fabricación:
  • Cuando haya prevalencia en el uso de fibras recicladas para contribuir a reducir la generación de residuos.
  • Cuando no se usen productos químicos o se usen alternativas ecológicas tipo colorantes vegetales, evitando su dispersión en el medio ambiente.
  • Cuando se produzca con máximo ahorro tanto en el consumo de agua como en el de energía.
  • Cuando se potencie el uso de mano de obra desfavorecida a la que se pretenda ayudar (comercio justo).
  • To see the actual color and check the texture of a fabric, we recommend ordering a swatch. Samples of different sizes (20×27 or 40×40) can be ordered online in the collections section of the website.

    Shipping by post is free, if you want an express delivery the cost is €3.

    Our delivery time is 2-3 business days.

    By means of a bank card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).

    If you are an interior design professional and want to have a business account, send an email to [email protected].

    Professional accounts are aimed at interior designers, architects, upholsterers, furniture manufacturers and purchasing agencies.

    Yes, every season we launch books, hangers and carrés from the new collections available to our customers.

    You can send an email to [email protected].