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"From the begining , I had the dream of creating attractive and accessible fabrics that would make people happy, and i think we have managed to achieve that dream"                                                                              

Javier López de Lamadrid






In 1973 Javier López de Lamadrid, a textile engineer, made his dream come true, founding Güell Lamadrid  S.A. together with his brother-in-law Claudio Güell, with the aim of having their own company and selling fabrics in the spanish high-end decoration market.                                      

          Javier and Claudio set out on their journey together, travelling to the United States to represent the P.Kaufmann company in Spain and sell their fabrics to the most important customer in the industry at that time. Later, Javier had the idea of starting to print his own designs in domestic factories.                                             

At later stage, the company grows with the creation of the company Les Crésations de la Maison, which brought a new dimension to the group, by launching the first collections for sale by meters.     


 family tradition

After the turn of the century and with the incorporation of Javier's sons:            Álvaro and Borja, a stage of modernization, expansion and diversification began. This means a change in the business model and its consolidation of the company as textile editor. This stage also coincides with the creation of Lamadrid Contract brand and the incorporation of the FibreGuard brands, with the latest free stain technology; and FR-One fire-retardant fabrics.                                                



We currently have our own showrooms in Madrid, Barcelona, New York and Lisbon reflecting the company's desire to build a closer relationship with professional prescriber, decorators and architects, and the different players of the Contract market.           


COMmitment and quality 

In the recent years, we have worked hard to offer a wide variety of high-quality designs and textures for the decoration of all types of homes or public spaces. In addition, we have created our own "Suistainable Fabrics" seal under which we will always have eco-friendly fabrics that have been made with some type of recycled fibre or with natural fibers with a low environmental impact (such as organic cotton, linen or hemp).              

lamadrid values

The creation of the Lamadrid Values platform is the cornerstone of our Corporate Social Responsability Strategy. A solidarity platform of the editorial brands Güell Lamadrid and Les Créations de la Maison, dedicated to the sale of textile products for charitable purposes and the dissemination of our social and sustainability initiatives.           


MISSION: Create quality fabrics that are attractive due to their design, texture or colour, achieving comfort and a sense of well-being, both in the decoration of homes and in the various public spaces where our fabrics are present.

VISION:  We want to be a leading Textile Editor within and beyond our borders, that is, a benchmark in the high-end decoration sector, and to be known for the quality and good taste of our fabrics, as well as for our commitment to service and our sense of responsibility as a company.

VALUES:  Our business culture includes values such as the quality and reliability of our fabrics, our desire to serve, and our commitment to people and our environment, with a particularly outstanding commitment to sustainability.